Hospital Infantil SanVicente Fundación-ECMO Training Program As part ofourcommitment toimprovingpediatriccongenital heart disease(CHD)treatmentinColombia,the LPR Foundationhostskey physiciansfrompartner hospitalstorotatewith thehighlyspecializedcardiovascularteams at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital(NCH).In September 2021,Dr. Sonia Morales, the Cardiovascular Surgeon from Hospital Infantil San VicenteFundación(HISVF)in Medellín(akey surgical referral center for the GlobalHealth Initiative), spent twoweeks workingintenselywith Dr. Redmond Burke,esteemedFounder and Director of theNCHCongenital Heart Institute and Dr. JuanBolívar, Pediatric Cardiologist and Director
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Only good news are spread here

LPR Foundation wants you to know that we understand the emergency in times of crisis and that is why we are here to help you. Our mission is to prevent families from falling apart due to the impact of covid-19 on the economy and on the immune system of their children, already compromised by serious illnesses. Today, families from Barranquilla

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How Vulnerable Are Children to the New Coronavirus?

So far, kids seem to be surprisingly less at-risk to severe infection. But they could play a key role in spreading it, so experts say it’s crucial to follow precautions. As the new coronavirus spreads, many parents are worried about keeping their kids safe. So far, children seem to be surprisingly less vulnerable to severe infection. But scientists suspect children
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