A commitment to the community to save more lives

The Universidad del Norte Hospital (HUN) in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia is organizing a fundraising campaign to intensify their pandemic attention system. The LPR Foundation, whose focus is to help children of the Colombian Caribbean Coast, understands the urgency and the need to contribute in this context to save as many lives as possible. That is why we joined
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50 food donations for El Bosque neighborhood

Supporting the campaign Tu ayuda suma x 2 organized by LPR Foundation to help families who lost their jobs because of the pandemic, 50 food donations were given the 4th of June in El Bosque neighborhood, located in a vulnerable zone in Barranquilla.

Pregnancy Breastfeeding

If You Are Pregnant, Breastfeeding, or Caring for Young Children Protect yourself and your family from COVID-19 Although there are currently no data showing that COVID-19 affects pregnant people differently than others, we do know that pregnant people are at greater risk of getting sick from other respiratory viruses than people who are not pregnant. Sometimes, this causes adverse outcomes
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Partnership with Juan de Acosta’s City Hall to donate food

Juan de Acosta is a town located in the Atlántico department near Barranquilla and thanks to the City Hall support, 100 food donations were given to moto drivers who don't have a formal job. Food donations were also delivered to the community families.

Food donations in Barranquilla’s vulnerable areas

60 families from La Playa and La Cangrejera neighborhoods received food donations to cover their primary needs because of an unemployment situation increased with the covid-19. We will continue to help all the families in need.

Food delivery with Fundación Sanar

Due to the global situation with the coronavirus and the Colombian Government's pronouncement on compulsory social isolation, we decided to ally with Fundación Sanar to deliver essential food to families who do not have a formal job and live from day-to-day incomes.

Only good news are spread here

LPR Foundation wants you to know that we understand the emergency in times of crisis and that is why we are here to help you. Our mission is to prevent families from falling apart due to the impact of covid-19 on the economy and on the immune system of their children, already compromised by serious illnesses. Today, families from Barranquilla

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How Vulnerable Are Children to the New Coronavirus?

So far, kids seem to be surprisingly less at-risk to severe infection. But they could play a key role in spreading it, so experts say it’s crucial to follow precautions. As the new coronavirus spreads, many parents are worried about keeping their kids safe. So far, children seem to be surprisingly less vulnerable to severe infection. But scientists suspect children
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Humanitarian aid

The rancherías families of La Guajira, Colombia who are struggling a hunger crisis received humanitarian aid (water, non-perishable food such as rice, oatmeal, oil, coffee, panela, sugar, salt, sardines and pasta).

Congenital heart disease and heart defects

The most common type of congenital heart disease happens when a person is born with a fault in the structure of the heart or the main arteries. This fault is known as a congenital heart defect, and it is one of the most common and potentially severe birth abnormalities. The defect may obstruct blood flow in the heart or nearby
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