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Palliative Assistance

LPR Foundation designed a program to provide support and assistance to children who have a special health condition, to improve their quality of life.

Palliative care exists in medicine to prevent and relieve suffering, as well as to provide a better quality of life for all patients who suffer from a serious illness that compromise their lives, as for their wellness as for their families.

The foundation was inspired by this medical approach to provide children with a special health condition with donations such as: medical supplies, personal care products, food vouchers, transportation vouchers, accommodation vouchers, among others.

Small details help in abig way

A baby is hospitalized for congenital heart disease in the Intensive Care Unit of the Portoazul Clinic in Barranquilla. Her mom received a donation of disposable wipes, wet wipes, diaper rash cream and moisturizer cream.

Family is everything

We believe that families struggling for their children’s lives should not worry about other situations.

Help is on the way

When a family is brought down by the situation of a seriously ill child,
we will be there to help them get through this.

How do families find us?

Our board will previously evaluate all families receiving financial assistance, after been referred by the Social Work Department of the hospital where the child is admitted.

We help families with

Special donations

We collaborate in the acquisition of special devices to improve the child’s quality of life, such as electric wheelchairs, motorcycle chairs, manual chairs with custom-made seats, walking devices, among others.

Foods and dressing

We provide the basics for families to cover their daily needs, from food and clothing to supplies for the hospital stay during the child’s treatment.

Lodging and transportation

We help families to endure trauma, pain and stress associated with the caring of their seriously ill child, through psychological support and recreational activities.

Where we do it


“My wish is to help families to endure trauma, pain and stress associatedwith the caring of their child”

Lorena Perozo, Co-founder LPR Foundation

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