What is
LPR Global Health Initiative?

LPR Global Health Initiative is a program designed to detect, prevent andtreat in time
congenital heart disease in Colombian.

A free exam will improve the life quality
of Colombian children

Heart screenings or pulse oximetry is a test that must be performed 24 hours after birth to measure the oxygen levels in the baby’s blood, through a sensor that covers his right hand and foot, in order to detect a possible heart problem.

LPR Global Health Initiative will focus on detection and diagnosis
at three stages of child development:


During the fetus growth.


Newborn’s heart sreenings.


Early stage pediatrics.

No child will get sick
because of a preventable

LPR Foundation in partnership with the Global Health Department of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital (NCH) in Miami, United States created the first LPR Global Health Initiative (GHI) heart program in Colombia.NCH is the Florida hospital that serves the most children with congenital heart disease, its Heart Program has been ranked among the best in the United States, and its surgical results are among the best in the world.

Early detection for
immediate treatments

The Colombian newborns and infant’s life quality will be improved by demonstrating the benefits of heart
disease early detection in results, costs, and efficacy of a good diagnosis in time.

100,000 screenings in the first 5 years of implementation

Screenings will focus in neonates under 30 days of life

More than 30% of babies with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) appear normal on routine examinations

The risk of mortality is higher than 30% for babies with CHD that are not diagnosed at birth hospitalization

“We seek to provide relief to families who are dealing with the situation of a child with a critical medical condition”

– Lorena Perozo, Co-founder LPR Foundation

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