Health Initiative?

LPR Foundation has partnered with the Global Health Department at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital (NCH), to create the LPR Global Health Initiative (GHI) program in Colombia.

The primary mission of the GHI is to improve the quality of life of neonates and infants and demonstrate the benefits of such early detections on outcomes; cost of insurance and efficacy of on time screening and diagnosis.

The initiative will assist local, regional or at the national health care systems level to expand early detection and diagnosis and improve patient care and facilities protocols. NCH brings its world-class reputation and experience to administer the program and to manage the medical services in Colombia.

LPR Global Health Initiative focuses on screening and diagnosing at three stages of development: 1. Prenatally during fetus growth; 2. Neonatal screening and 3. Early stage pediatrics. Screening and follow up diagnosis will detect and direct intervention at all three stages of fetal development, birth and throughout the pediatric age.

Our initial intent is to work with local institutions to give the best possible quality health care to neonates and children with congenital heart defects and to provide relief to families confronting the reality of a child with a critical medical condition.

We estimate that the program will provide screening, identification, treatment and monitoring services to at least 7,000 children per year for cardiac disease, with an initial focus on Barranquilla.
Screenings will focus on neonates under 30 days of life.
Up to 30% of infants with critical Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) appear normal on routine examination. Signs of critical CHD may not be apparent in the first days of life.
For infants with critical CHD who are not diagnosed during the birth hospitalization, the risk of mortality is high as 30%.

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